Welcome to the future site of the Therapy Connection Institute, a Mind-Body-Spirit Mobility Fitness & Mental Wellness program of The Learners Lab Foundation that’s coming to Ocean City, Maryland.

The Therapy Connection Institute was established to fill the gap persons with mobility challenges have when they are faced with medical insurance that either wont cover treatments or services needed for more than a brief period of time, who need treatments and services that are covered but fall short and fail to provide quality of life comfort, or for those who just need help feeling better and cannot achieve it on their own.

A good example is a complaint we frequently about how it’s virtually impossible to be mobile, sometimes even to exercise to stay healthy because the exercises they need are either impossible to do with restricted movement, or certain movements can’t be done without help and that help is not available.

So what happens, there is lack of movement, or avoidance of movement. or minimized movement to avoid [excruciating] pain. This is pain aggravated by muscle atrophy from not moving. All of this results in unhealthy and often excessive weight gain, stiffness, compounded restrictions of movement beyond the initial condition. Its a very vicious cycle. But its also not hopeless.

Therapy Connection Institute is addressing these and similar issues which also contribute to stress, poor sleep, or not being able to relaxation with a customized program, tailored to each persons specific need. Our approach is a spa-rehab-meditation environment for a complete mind-body-spirit mobility wellness experience.

To learn more about what we plan, feel free to download our brochure today from Snapshot 2021 – TLLFs Therapy Connection Institute.

And if you’re interested in a partner or sponsorship opportunity, if your a vendor or suppliers or you want to be included business directory/ad listings, we’d love to chat with you. Those contacts are included in the brochure, so check it out!

Thanks in advance for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in Ocean City!